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This coupon entitles you to a $500 cash rebate when a home is purchased through Brenda DeArmond Realty of Orlando, Florida .

EFFECTIVE: May 1, 2004 - December 31, 2004  

This offer good through Brenda DeArmond and Roger Parker only.
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Orlando real estate of Brenda Dearmond Real Estate for Florida relocation services
orlando real estate
Reliable real estate services in the Orlando and Tampa Florida areas for 20 years, specializing in:
  • Orlando real estate buyer/broker representation
  • Representation when purchasing a new Orlando home from the builder
  • Representation when purchasing a pre-owned Orlando home

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orlando real estate - orlando homes with van tour

Enjoy an Orlando home ... and the Florida Lifestyle!

  • Orlando real estate
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  • Orlando and Tampa business brokers
  • Golf and lake communities
    in the Orlando and Tampa Florida areas
  • Holiday homes in Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas.
Brenda DeArmond Realty offers Your On-line Guide to Orlando and Tampa Real Estate and the communities.
Orlando Florida real estate guide by Brenda Dearmond Real Estate of Florida for Florida relocation services
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